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Who is actually running from debate – Arvind Kejriwal or Amarinder Singh? An Open letter to the Captain

To Captain Amarinder Singh, By your own admission, you have spent 47 years in politics. During these almost five decades, you have watched the degradation of Punjab, first as a leader of the ruling party and then as a leader of the opposition, no less. During this time, Punjab has lost out badly in agriculture, […]

Delhi Govt all set to provide pre-school facility through ECCE Centres

Early childhood care and education (ECCE) Centres will be started in the national capital by Delhi government. Delhi deputy CM and education minister at a conference organised by Ambedkar University and UNICEFEducation on School’s Readiness for Early Childhood Education , announced that in all 3,000 ECCE centres will be opened. These centres will help 2.5 to 3 lakh […]

Of 14 AAP MLAs arrested, 11 cases where Court either pulled up Police or dismissed the case

Delhi Police went all the way to Gujarat for arresting Aam Aadmi Party’s MLA Gulab Singh who is also state in-charge of Gujarat for his alleged involvement in an extortion case. He was arrested hours before Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal’s public rally in Surat. He is the 14th AAP MLA to be arrested. Here is what court […]

Android Tablets Will Reduce ‘Non Teaching’ Work of Delhi Govt Schools’ Teachers

In order to reduce the ‘non teaching’ work of teachers, the AAP government has decided to provide Android tablets to 50,000 teachers and principals of the 1024 government run schools. Deputy Chief Minister and education minister Manish Sisodia has directed the officials of the education department to prepare a proposal to buy tablets for teachers […]

Four Night Shelters in Delhi to have Mohalla Clinics By Nov. 25

Oct 18,2016: As part of winter action plan, the Aam Aadmi Party government has announced to open Mohalla clinics at four major night shelters in Delhi by November 25. The mohalla clinics will be opened at night shelters at Yamuna Pushta, Jama Masjid, Sarai Kale Khan and Shakur Basti. It was decided in a review meeting on […]

DJB launches ‘Aao Bachpan Sawarein Programme’ for Street Kids

Delhi Jal Board is Delhi Govt’s department that is responsible for the production and distribution of potable water in Delhi.  DJB under water minister Kapil Mishra has opened a creche for street children living near its staff quarters under “Aao Bachpan Sawarein Programmme”. This education and nutrition center will take care of around 40 street children […]

Is there a political strategy behind Arvind Kejriwal’s demand for exposing Pakistan’s fake propaganda on surgical Strike?

A few days back, Arvind Kejriwal in a Special Assembly Session had congratulated the Prime Minister for successful surgical strikes and assured his and AAP’s support on matters of internal and external security. One can watch the clip: AAP In News on Twitter

His video message, which is being wrongly portrayed by a section of media, BJP and its supporters:

he applauds PM Modi for the surgical strikes across LOC post Uri attacks. He also says, he and PM Modi may have umpteen issue based differences but when it comes to nation’s security and defense, he and his party will always stand by the PM.

He salutes the the PM for giving a befitting reply to Pakistan by demolishing the terror launching pads.

Further, he raised his concerns about Pakistan’s malicious propaganda against India. Pakistan is asking international media to visit the border regions. Pakistan is hell bent on spreading that India is lying about the surgical strikes.

What If Surgical Strikes Never Happened, International Media starts asking: As a result of Pakistan’s propaganda international media started raising doubts. The Washington Post, The Diplomat, The New York Times reported as per Pakistani propaganda.

So, Arvind Kejriwal only requested the PM to blow the false propaganda of Pakistan. But the media and BJP social media army swiftly gave it a different colour and started promoting that AK is pro-pak and anti Indian army!

He never said he doubts Indian Army. Neither he asked for proofs for himself. He just asked to burst the Pakistani propaganda. 

Now who has politicized surgical strikes?

Lets check these posters:

What these posters imply: These are the posters that have come up in poll bound UP and Goa by state units of BJP. Here the local state leaders are hailing the PM and BJP Govt for surgical strikes as if it was not done by PM of India but PM of a party.

Villagers along the Punjab-Pakistan border are already realizing how BJP is creating a war like situation superficially to score brownie points politically: Villagers see political motive in evacuation along Wagah border

As per a report published in The Hindu :  “Questions mount over the Punjab government’s decision to evacuate around eight lakh people along the Pakistan border, with intelligence sources telling The Hindu that it was not based on any security assessment from the central agencies.”

Also, it is being reported that BJP, Goa state is planning a ‘victory rally’ for Minister Parrikar in Goa. Manohar Parrikar’s ‘Victory’ Rally In Goa already Coming Under Criticism

A report published in The Times Of India further clears the air that which party is politicizing the whole issue. As stated in TOI, a BJP functionary says,  “There is talk among ministers that the central government is planning a major internal security-related military operation in Jammu and Kashmir. Once the operation is successful, they will hail Rajnath Singh as a hero in the media. That will increase his standing among the people as a tough leader. Once that image is seared into the minds of the people, it will be much easier to project him as the CM face by November. The momentum will be with us and we can win UP”

Thus, makes amply clear who is actually politicizing!

An edited version of an originally published answer on Quora by Neeru Bahl

Arvind Kejriwal’s message to Modi: The reality and how it has been twisted by media and BJP

October 4, 2016: Today, entire media, twitter, Facebook are buzzing with criticisms and name calling of Arvind Kejriwal.

Yesterday in a video message, he had praised PM Modi for his will to initiate surgical strike in Pakistan in retaliation against the Uri attacks. He also said, he and Modi might have their differences on hundreds of issues but when it comes to nation’s security and defense, he will be with the PM.

Further, he elaborated how Pakistan in frustration was trying to unleash a dirty propaganda against India by roping in international journalists and taking them for a safari like event along the border regions. Pakistan is trying to create a perception that India is lying about the surgical strikes.

This western media has already started to doubt the claims made by Government of India. Adding to that, UN has given a statement that their military group has not directly observed any firing happened at LOC.

Arvind Kejriwal with proper prior explanation had requested the PM to counter the Pakistani propaganda and expose their lies to the entire world by giving proof. Only to thwart Pakistan’s attempt to malign India’s image in front of whole world.

In response to the message, the reaction of media, BJP and its supporters is flabbergasting!  Full of contempt with an intent to label him as pro-Pakistan and anti- Indian Army. They accused Arvind Kejriwal of doing politics at behest of Indian Army. Many journalists started to give sermons that Arvind Kejirwal should trust Indian Army instead of asking video evidence to prove surgical strikes really happened.

In  the entire video, nowhere did Arvind Kejriwal has asked the PM to show him the video evidence. Neither  he has accused Modi of fabricating nor doubted Indian Army’s integrity like media is portraying. Nishant Chaturvedi, AAJ Tak media person further went overboard! He is asking the politicians should leave India for doing such low grade politics over army in a sly also included Arvind in the list.

Can these journalists tell, how can Pakistan’s slandering propaganda against India be countered?  And how that implies insulting out army or doubting the credibility of Indian Army and GOI?

Instead of asking tough question against Government for hesitation in proving the Pakistan’s wrongs, these journalists are behaving like cheer leaders of the Centre.

Media, stooping so low to twist the words of a person in order to make him a villain in the minds of people is indeed a bad scenario!

BJP who is accusing Arvind Kejriwal of doing politics, itself is using this surgical strike for UP state polls campaign:

BJP has put up banners about the surgical strikes  in UP. BJP MPs – Kiren Rijju, Ravi Shankar Prashad have quipped that the Delhi CM should refrain from doing politics. At the same time, they have chosen to ignore the banners put by their party men. Both MPs advised Delhi CM to trust Indian Army not Pakistan views.

 Now who is doing politics becomes quite clear here:

Interestingly, earlier  the Centre had told that they will be releasing video evidence as proof.  Now, when Delhi CM requested PM to demolish Pakistan’s propaganda by giving befitting reply with proof, Modi Government has started to invoke “trust the army” line!

In response to BJP MPs’ censure on Arvind, his simple question is why BJP is agitated on his asking PM Modi for destroying Pakistan’s propaganda? He reiterated that he believes in the Indian Army and Government of India.

This statement was propagated by news channels and journalists as Arvind Kejriwal trying to find a safe exit!


Amit Malviya, BJP’s IT Cell, NationaL head, crossed all limits! Openly compared Arvind Kejriwal and AAP supporters wit termites, asking for surgical strikes within the country.

Pakistan’s media twisting Arvind Kejriwal’s video message is understandable. But what makes Indian media follow the same?

Not only Indian Media, even those who have quit AAP are behaving in a similar fashion. Stark similarity between Pakistan Media and Indian counterparts as well as people who dislike or hate Arvind Kejriwal!

To surmise, The issue is about perception being spread around the world. But jingoism had clouded minds.  Those who think it is cool to let the things go instead of countering propaganda are just worried about Modi’s image rather than India’s image. Need is to counter the Pakistani propaganda,  lest the whole world gets the perception of fabrication of entire issue by Government of India

So it is high time to remove goggles of jingoism and political affiliations. If you need only ego satisfaction and doesn’t care about what world might think of India, then you should stay silent. If you want to deflate Pakistan’s dirty tactics, then ask GOI to furnish shareable evidence to shut the mouth of Pakistan and the naysayers instead of baying for blood of fellow political leaders who talk sense. At the same time politicians like Sanjay Nirupam too should be countered and criticized for talking nonsense over Indian Army operations.

Authored by Raghevendera

Hard working AAP govt officers overseeing key projects get transferred in the middle of the projects

Oct. 2, 2016:  A day back, Tarun Seem the director general of health services of Delhi Govt. was relieved of his charge by the LG. He was the man behind the AAP govt’s ambitious Mohalla Clinics project. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal protested over officers’s removal and in a tweet he said:  “efficient and honest” officers working with the […]